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This excellent vehicle speaks for itself. Check out the photos, features, owner reviews, and then give us a call! We have amazing financing options available for all types of credit. We've got amazing rates from banks and credit unions for those with good credit, and some of the best programs avaliable in the nation if you're working on rebuilding your credit. With a down payment, we can even finance in-house.

  • Air Conditioning
  • Power Windows
  • Power Locks
  • Power Steering
  • Tilt Wheel
  • AM/FM CD/MP3
  • Satellite
  • Sentry Key
  • Keyless Entry
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • Dual Airbags Front Head and Side
  • Active Seatbelts
  • Passenger Airbag Sensor
  • All Wheel ABS
  1. samiaminiowa| December 27, 2013 at 4:58 pm 4.625

    I Love my Captiva Sport

    I wasn't even looking for this car, but it fulfills all my needs, without too much technology. I can use E-85 gas in Iowa. It has Bluetooth and I am totally Captivated by it :-) Ask me again in a year.

  2. 2012captiva| March 2, 2014 at 9:51 pm 4


    After 8 years and over 123k miles, the old Subaru Forester needed significant repairs. Needed a roomy SUV, not a subcompact. Found the Chevy Captiva at Hertz car sales; 33k.After 36K, car would lose power for no reason; check engine light came on. While waiting for appt. with Chevy dealer, car then stalled while idling-had to have it towed.Needed oxygen sensor and fuel injector-no longer covered by warranty.Ran sluggish after repairs.Took to mechanic friend - changed transmission + brake fluid.Found transmission fluid to be black, needed new cap; found a worn cracked bolt to shock absorber. Don't know what else he did, but it runs like silk now. (chevy did suggest changing fluids at time) Update: This update is posted Aug. 2016. The Captiva has been traded in, in October 2015. The car had less than 63,000 miles. After doing above repairs, the car ran well for about a year; it then lost power and stalled again. Had it towed to the mechanic. I cannot, at this time remember exactly what he said was wrong, but it amounted to some element that controlled the fuel injector. He also felt the transmission needed work as the car would periodically surge. Since I drive alone at night; he suggested I cut my losses, trade in the car for a subcompact. Went to the Nissan dealer, got a decent trade in, and am now driving a new Versa Note.

  3. amyjv8| October 21, 2014 at 12:31 pm 2.375

    Will never go back to Chevy after this...

    My car easily reaches a 5-6 RPM when accelerating. - And it would not even beat a snail in a race. I have an average MPG of 21, and I drive about 90% interstate. I have brought the vehicle into dealerships for inspection more than once but they say nothing is wrong. It shifts hard, it idles hard, and it sounds like a 1992 vehicle - when it is really a 2012. This was my third Chevrolet vehicle and I can say, due to this experience, I will never own another one. STAY AWAY!

  4. Sally Chapman| March 22, 2016 at 7:32 am 2

    Front Wheels want to Fly Off

    Front Wheel Bearings go out quickly !!! Left front bearing went out at 38,000 miles, again at 47,000 miles and we are now at 62,000 miles and waiting for it to go again. When talking to the dealer mechanic, he says this is a problem with this model. I have had cars with 300,000 miles and never replaced a wheel bearing. The transmission slips once in while, sometimes shifts up to high causing the engine to lug down and vibrate, or takes an excessive amount of time to shift causing engine to race. Engine idle is rough at times up and down from 200 to 500 RPMs. The rear window washer does not stop running when rear window defroster is used. Unless you shut everything off, it will empty the windshield washer tank of the solvent. Took it to the dealer and had some improvement but never resolved. My foot is so big that sometimes when I step on the brake pedal I depress the gas pedal at the same time, never had that problem with the many vehicles that I have had in the past. I can see this causing an accident for the elderly or even myself, if not careful about it. The comfort of this vehicle is poor when traveling more than an hour. I would never buy this model again !!!

  5. Rob Shelton| February 16, 2016 at 12:06 am 5

    Excellent used car value

    We needed a 4wd or awd because we live in a Colorado mountain town. We wanted a Rav4, CRV or similar which everyone here wants. We had never heard of the Captiva but we preferred it after test driving Rav4s, CRVs and other similar small SUVs. Plus it sells for a lot less than similar suvs because, apparently, it was originally sold only as a fleet car. It is comfortable and drives and handles the best of everything we tested. It is a very solid feeling car and is heavier than similar suvs. This fact, and the V6 engine are probably why it does not get the highest mileage in its class, the only negative I can say about it. We saved so much on the purchase compared to similar suvs that we are ok spending somewhat more on gas. Overall great car to own.

STOCK #: 21473
VIN #: 3GNAL2EK3CS571763
ENGINE: 1.5L 4 Cylinder
FUEL MILEAGE: 20 City / 28 Hwy
MILES: 99,055
WARRANTY: Available

Fuel Efficiency Rating

  • City MPG: 20
  • Estimated MPG
  • Hwy MPG: 28

Estimated rating based on typically equiped options; may vary depending on vehicle condition and driving habits.


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